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APO Accessories

The range consists of nine boxes based on the 300 and 185 mm modules.
– The bases are made of grey (RAL 7036), hot moulded glass fibre reinforced polyester, dyed in mass. These come complete with M4 threaded inserts (Dodge) for fixing a mounting plate or mounting frame.
– The cover is made of either transparent polycarbonate or opaque grey (RAL 7036) hot moulded glass fibre reinforced polyester, dyed in mass.
– APO-boxes provide optimum security to both operators and equipment because they feature total insulation and protection degree IP67 according to IEC 60529 and EN 60529
– Protection degree IK10 against external mechanical impacts according to EN 50102
– This protection covers the total volume of the enclosure according to EN 50298.
– Each large box is a multiple of a smaller one. Its fixing points are also a multiple of those of a small box. These fixing points are blind holes for M4 threaded inserts.
– Four to six blind holes for M6 threaded inserts are also provided in each base.
– APO polyester boxes are designed for both wall end pole mounting.
– The box can be readily worked with conventional tools such as drills, cutting mills, saws punches, etc.
– Versatile service conditions: polyester enclosures can withstand continuous temperatures up to70°C (peak temperatures up to 150°C) and the transparent polycarbonate covers resist service temperature up to 120°C
– APO polyester boxes are maintenance-free and corrosion resistant.
– Rated insulation voltage Ui = 1000V.
– APO boxes are UL listed, as per UL Standard 508, types 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12 and 13
APO Accessories are also CSA approved

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APO Modular Polyester Enclosures IP67 Data Sheet